Friday, May 14, 2010

facebook broke us apart

me:      i think we dont need to have a wedding celebration r..

her:      naper? it's the most precious day for all lover..`sorang skali jer.
me:      the purpose of walimatul urus is...let people know about somebody marry somebody.and now we have facebook.. everyvbody will be informed.

her:     tu lain..ini kiter nyer budaya... do u want to give ur wife the best present? then do it...

me:     if her know laa, rather than spend big money to one day like that, better wat pi is better present.

her:   both!

me:    we are muslim, do as our prophet teach... don't follow other people. we have so many responsibility in this world.. our brother in palestin at war.. hunger everywhere.. we realize that right..

her:    every her and him have portion at this world, just take it, once a life.. x mau ker.. semua kwn2 dtg salam, peluk2 dan bg ucapan tahniah..dapat hadiah dan doa dr semua sanak saudara..

me:    they can say it on wall... no need to apologies for those who cannot come.. hadiah, they can send it through poslaju...

her:    alaaa... if u want it to be like that... follow ur wants.. me.... i will marry the man who can understand me...

me:   yer la 2x.. kita  wat k..


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